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ANASU, Anasu Jewellery, Sustainability. Sustainably minded.Handmade in the UK
Cornflower Blue Jaipur Hoops and Single Pearl Drop Earrings from the India and New Zealand Collections. made with Sterling silver. Anasu Jewellery. ANASU

At Anasu, we strive to be as kind to the environment as possible. Below are just the initial steps we have taken to become more environmentally sustainable. We are always looking to improve on these and welcome any suggestions.


All items are made to order. This ensures we do not waste material from excess stock.

The craft wire we use is recycled 925 Sterling Silver.

We try to keep our suppliers close. Many of our beads come from small businesses in the Yorkshire region. We are based in North Yorkshire.


We choose not to put your items in plastic. Instead we wrap all orders in paper and include a note card.

Our package envelopes are 100% biodegradable and plastic free.

When an order is large enough, we wrap it in twine to save on using sellotape.